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37th Note to Self

37th Note to Self Dear Athena, Sometimes, you just have to stop. Recalibrate True North. Take a break. Start over. I know. I know. You don’t want to hear that. And I’m gonna tell you […]

Aug, 08 · in Uncategorized

We Are Story

“So, you’re a feminist, reverse racist?” he asked. “If you need to give me a label, then, okay, sure.” This came from a conversation with a guy who is interested in the publishing house. He […]

May, 24 · in Uncategorized

We’re on our Way!

  Well, I’m happy to report that the revisions for the BlissQuest Publishing model were well received last Saturday, with only a few suggested changes and additions. I’m hoping to have the newest incarnation up […]

May, 05

Nom De Plume

I got my start in erotica many many years ago when I was publishing my sexual misadventure short stories on the internet under a pen name. (That pen name is now being used by someone […]

Mar, 12

Springing Back

Still alive! Yep, I’m still here. I’ve been under a rock for several reasons, much to do with reformulating the BPQ model and publishing plans, writing, moving, sorting out life details and such as well […]

Mar, 09

Fair Trade Publishing Needs to Happen

Finally, acknowledgement from the publishing industry that the current state of traditional publishing is no longer sustainable or fair. As artists and writers we need a different option. Please read this article about the average […]

Nov, 07

StoryCon 2014

  Come on down to the Vancouver, Washington Public Library for StoryCon 2014! Lots of great authors, books, panels and reading. It’s a convention dedicated to the readers. I’ll be speaking on a few panels […]

Oct, 15