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The Pillars of Dawn Series

The clock is ticking down to the end of the great cycle, the Great Convergence, when Mnemosyne’s Curse will fall upon all her worlds.

What would happen to the world if 7 billion people were struck with Alzheimer’s disease overnight? This is Mnemosyne’s Curse, the loss of memory, culture, and reason. Everything we thought we knew, gone in a blink. Unable to piece together memories, unable to build anything new. Civilization would topple into a new Dark Age, then into oblivion.

All the pillars of culture lost, all remnants of what make us human, forgotten. Fields would fall fallow, buildings crumble in disrepair, technology would decline, history would be lost, relationships unthreaded, music an ethereal question, science would become a mystery. The memory of how we built our empires…missing.

A cosmic oubliette. Permanent darkness.

All that stands between the three worlds and Mnemosyne’s Curse are her daughters, the Muses, reborn to save us from the loss of all creativity. They are the pillars of dawn.

But are we worth saving?

Sinnet of Dragons

Fable Montgomery has been told all her life she’s the Muse of Story, but her birthright has only brought a lot of expectations and embarrassing questions. Then she catches a glimpse of the great story stream, the events of the future, and a peek at the coming Dark Age. Before she can explore her newfound abilities, her worst nightmare comes true, literally.  The peaceful tree city of Barriette is razed to the ground; her teachers slaughtered as her school is overrun by attackers from the Icy Reaches. Fable witnesses Dragon Ryders stealing Aria’s most precious resource, Rhue—and breaking a global treaty in the process.

When the Ryders realize Fable saw everything, they come for her.

Her only option is to embrace her newly emerging power and strike a heartbreaking bargain with the enemy—or be burned at the stake by dragon’s fire.

And if the Muse of Story dies, all stories die with her.

Murder of Crows

Fable Montgomery is the Muse of Story. Fourteen years ago she gave up her home, her memories, and the man she loved, to prevent a new Dark Age. Yet when her beloved aunt is murdered, the fate of two worlds rests on Fable’s ability to recover the memories she worked so hard to destroy. Fable returns to the land of myth and magic, a place called Aria. A world that has been waiting fourteen long years for her to fulfill the promises she’s forgotten she made.

In a surge of power, she writes the Prophecy of Crows, a 240 page manuscript of the future arc. But before she can read it, all but thirteen of the pages are stolen. With only thirteen pages to guide her through the story, Fable must rediscover her power of inspiration, because the last page of prophecy foretells her death.

And if the Muse of Story dies…all stories die with her.

Scold of Jays

Fable Montgomery, Muse of Story, must keep her promise to the Dragon Ryders or risk a world war.

Maya, the Muse of Imagery, discovers the cause of the great looming darkness is Mnemosyne’s Curse, a memory blackout for all mankind. As her reincarnation memories surface, Maya begins to understand the scope of what’s at stake should the muses fail. All the worlds of Mnemosyne, banished to a cosmic oubliette.

Meanwhile, the threat of war builds on both sides of the veil. The Muses are waking to their powers, and so too, wake the beasts that would rob them of their inspirations.