For those of you who’ve commented to me at work or out and about that I look tired or stressed, I should let you know, my sleep doesn’t currently belong to me. My subconscious is steeping in the world of Aria at night, and when I wake up in the morning, I’m totally wiped out.

Strange dreams have been waking me up several times in the middle of the night recently. Nothing terrible, unless you count the dream wherein I had lobster claws for hands and kept crushing my coffee mug before I could get any coffee to my lips. Total nightmare.

Anywhoo, along with the dream centers being hyperactive comes a brackish stillness on the writing side of my brain. Plotting is going on for sure, but actual sit-down-and-write time keeps having the energy sucked out, as though my brain is overtaxed from lucid dreaming all night and is then too tired to manufacture anything else.

During times like these, I generally just surrender to it. There are other things I can be working on that are writing related and require little or no “processing” from the visual creative centrifuge spinning wildly with fantasy role play in my sleep state.

Yes, I did in fact have a dream where Captain Jack and Captain Mal were both fighting over me. You’ve not had a fangirl-worthy wet dream squee, until you’ve watched Serenity and The Black Pearl fight it out for your hand as you stand by in your yoga pants, wondering “When was the last time I shaved my legs?” Best. Dream. Ever.


Anywhoo, Much of the creative time has been spent recently doing smash albums, scrapbooking and some boudoir photography. Then the non-creative work is the business side of paperwork and finalizing the last queries for ‘Murder of Crows’.

All in all it’s been business as usual punctuated by sweaty, lucid night visions of strange landscapes, crumbling ruins, new planetary alignments, epic battles and tragic love stories. (along with the occasional lobster claw hands and fangirl silliness) Though I don’t get much actual writing in during these stretches of lucid dreaming, I do soak up the visual experience and let it fill the artist well and I can guarantee it will be useful when the flood subsides and I am able to translate it to the page. These dream sessions usually happen in three week bursts and they fuel enough material for months of writing – so based on the material I’ve been getting, I think my subconscious is prepping me to lay down a doozy of a rough draft.

This is gonna be fun!

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