Setting the Stage

The first freeze of 2017 evaporating in the sunlight

Over the last few years I’ve done some personal posts on my other site;

I’ll link to them so you can get some back story: Here, Here, Here

Before I get rolling on new, regular posts, there are some things I should explain about my current situation. These are the challenges:

  • I currently do no have access to internet from my home. (three satellite companies have tried, local DSL, and dial up have not been functional, and the bandwidth is chewed up before it gets to me so local providers have refused to service my cottage)
  • I’m quite remote. Meaning basic services such as power, and phone are often unreliable.
  • It’s 15 miles to the nearest anything, and another 10 to a town with supplies
    1. Yes, Amazon Prime delivers!
    2. Yes, I get UPS and Fed Ex, but the drivers totally hate my route
    3. I’m on first name basis with my US mail carrier (Wonder Greg). He’s pretty awesome.
  • The road to town is mostly owned by the BLM, so when trees are down, or rockslides are blocking the road, I have two other alternative routes off the mountain using BLM managed back roads—however they can be just as unreliable depending on the weather.

Despite these challenges, and perhaps because of them, I’ve found an enormous amount of peace and comfort out here. It’s not unlike growing up Alaska. It’s familiar in the inconveniences, and homey in the wild freedom of the land. I realize it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it makes me happy.

That being said, there are a few friends who refuse to visit, as it makes them uncomfortable to be so out of touch with communications, and services. I complete understand.

The Bonuses:

  • Quiet
  • Privacy
  • No access to the maddening toxicity of social media
  • Ability to focus
  • There are salmon and trout in my creek, berries (thimble, blackberry, salmon berry, raspberry, elder berry) and mushrooms (chanterelles) in my woods, trees for 300 acres and wildlife in abundance that consistently blows my mind. Elk herds pass through my yard, coyotes sing at night, a heron feeds in the creek each morning, and a great horned owl watches the deck at night. There are eagles, bears, cougar, possum, racoons, deer, bats, swallows and swifts, hummingbirds, and lizards.
  • Trees, did I mention trees. They sing and sway and talk amongst themselves. The moss is so thick on limbs that bracken and fern grow from the maples and alders.
  • I have awesome neighbors. The coolest people, really. Everyone on the road enjoys their privacy, but they equally respect the sense of community. I couldn’t have been luckier with my neighborhood this far from town.

So, with all that said, now you’ll understand why I’m slow to moderate comments, or there might be gaps in my posts. The bonuses far outweigh the challenges, but I’m sure I’ll blog about the snags as they come up and I work through them. In the meantime, I’m productive, creative, and finding a whole new sense of wonder out here.

For those familiar with my books, it should come as no surprise that I’ve name my lot the Elder Glade.  What’s interesting is that for many years before I’d ever been here, I saw it clearly in my mind, in my fantasies and imaginings. I dreamt about it, and wrote it into my novels.

Several years ago I went to try a past life regression with my friend, Loey, and we recorded the session. I’d never done one before, and I was curious. In the hypnotic state, as the prompter asked me where I was, I described this location, this land down to the stream, trees, and mossy rocks.

So when I pulled up to the house a year and a half ago, I got out of the jeep and stood breathless, gaping. “I’ve either been here before, or imagined it into being.” I wasn’t sure it was real at first. My agent tried to talk me out of putting in an offer on the same day. Then he tried to talk me out of it several times over the next few months of negotiations. We all know I don’t dissuade so easily once my mind is fixed.

Anywhoo, the stage is set for future posts and the readiness of continuing the story from out here at base camp; The Elder Glade.


Author: Athena

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