Re-Brand in Progress


I’ve been stuck on the quandary of re-branding. It’s to the point I think I need a professional to help me sort it out. I realize what I see myself and my work is not how I’m being seen by the public. There’s a disconnect from my idea, and the reality, or perception of my brand.

An example of this disconnect came last week when someone asked, “Oh, aren’t you Athena? The homesteading girl?”

I replied, confused. “No, not me.” Then realized, how many Athena’s are there in the building…one so far, and then realized my self-sustainable planning could be considered homesteading. “Oh, well, maybe…” I added. “I do have a small house farm-style-escape-off-grid-thing going on in the wilderness.”

I realized, I have no idea what I’m calling myself or my plan outside, “find a slower, cheaper way of living in order to devote more time to writing”. This is a serious branding problem.

I guess it didn’t occur to me because my idea of homesteading comes from Alaskan homesteading, which is much more rugged and often brutal. Whereas, I’m still working in town part time, and have electricity and some other basic amenities. I’ve been saying I have a self-sustainability goal but I suppose it is essentially homesteading, just lower 48 style.

Similar disconnects with my writing and publishing have been occurring as well, so I think it’s time for an overhaul on the whole package.

Long story short, I have no idea how it will pop out, or what it will look like in terms of a new brand and image to encompass all things. Stay tuned whilst wine and pondering occurs.


Author: Athena

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