April 2018 Mid-Month Update

April 2018 Mid-Month Update

This mid-month update snuck up like a bandit. Woowee! The last four weeks have been non-stop. Only yesterday was I able to sit down and catch up on some phone chats and relationship connections.

I can’t remember if I mentioned accepting a new waitressing gig, but if I failed to say so, I started a few weeks ago. The learning curve is mostly a new POS system which is unfamiliar, and a corporate model style management plan. The rest is service, which is old hat and easy, so I’m content to linger for a while and meet some people, hear their stories, and pick up summer cash for publishing. Still, starting anywhere new is usually a little exhausting until equilibrium is established.

The kickstarter failed, which wasn’t a huge surprise. I knew it didn’t bode well that the day I launched my inbox was inundated with sales emails from services guaranteeing my successful kickstart for an added fee. I even had a salesman send me a note through my dating profile webform propositioning that he could make my kickstarter fund through his extra service…on my dating site. Gross. So I realized that if that level of side business is going on around kickstarter launches, the system is overloaded and people are struggling with discovery through the dreck… it was a long shot anyway, and I had a backup plan, so the worst is only that I’m out the $500 of advertising, and that publication of the books will be delayed.

Writing is still happening during all of this hubbub and change commotion, just at a slower pace. Here’s a photo of my writing buddy. Guess who stops by to visit while I’m working on his chapters?


In other news, Plan A is coming along nicely.

  • I picked up the bee hives and got them painted. This week I drove out and picked up the bees. Crossing fingers that I can make this work.


  • The second installment of The Life Erotic was sent to the editor last week. Publication timeline for public release will be end of May, 2018. Woot!
  • The chickens have quadrupled in size in the last month. They’ve long since outgrown their brood box, but it’s been too cold and wet to move them to the coop outside, so they’re going to have to tuff out the box a little longer until the weather clears a bit.
  • The trout tanks are delayed for various reasons, but I should be able to get them up and running by the end of May, so I’ll touch back on aquaculture in next month’s letter.
  • The garden supplies have been delivered, but with a misunderstanding on my part about wood sizing which I blogged about here.

All in all it’s been a busy spring with lots of change and forward energy. Managing to get my Patron commitments in during all of this has been a challenge, but I’ll try to get it all in by the end of the month, even if it’s all in one giant info release.

This short and sweet update will see the end of April through, and the beginning of gardening season next month. I’ll be working on the final draft of Scold of Jays while trying to figure out what to do about the editing plan.

At nigh when I fall onto the couch with a glass of wine, I glance at my end table where the books I’m reading have gone from escapist adventure to how to guides. My current reading pile has sticky notes and a running notebook of learnings.

Currently reading:

  • Aquaculture: The Farming and Husbandry of Freshwater Marine Organisms. By John E. Bardach, John, H. Ryther, and William O. McLarney
  • The Backyard Beekeeper, By Kim Flottum
  • Raising Chickens for Dummies: By Kimberly Willis, and Robert T. Ludlow
  • Cultivating Exceptional Cannabis: An Expert Breeder Shares his Secrets, by DJ Short (my friends from genetics lab will dig this one as it talks a lot about phenotyping)
  • The Grammar of Architecture, by Emily Cole, General Editor

It’s a lot of very dry reading, but it’s useful. Already what I’ve learned about propolis in beekeeping made the book worth the purchase and the shipping. Further, what I understood in the cannabis cultivating book made me realize why my roses are struggling, and why I needed to re-outline my grape arbor. Good to know! I also re-worded a chapter in Plague of Gargoyles after reading the section of Italian renaissance architecture in The Grammar of Architecture. I’d purchased the book years ago and referenced it a few times but never this heavily. I’m super grateful it made it through all my moves and storage, it’s paid for itself a dozen times already.

So here’s to getting a better foothold and growth pattern going at the Elder Glade. Have a wonderful rest of your April! Looking forward to delivering some exciting news in May.

Thank you again for all your support!





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