Plan A: Be Happy

Plan A: Be Happy

Continuous progress. Check.

Plan A Part One: Be a self-sustaining artist

In Progress.

Mission Bliss: Give it all back

In the queue.

When I set out on the original BlissQuest some twelve years ago, I was under the mistaken impression at age 26 that bliss was a neatly wrapped package. A finished product/idea/fulfillment that once in hand would mean I’d won the game. I’d then be happy.

Mario rescues the princess. Tada! Happily ever after.

Alas, not so much. I set out on the quest for bliss and hilarity ensued. Comedy, tragedy, heartbreak, buffoonery, some excellent fuckery, and then a pause to re-evaluate.

I didn’t understand then how many moving parts were related to happiness. Bliss was a concept in my mind that seemed solid, tangible. I had it some days and not others. But I still couldn’t put my finger on the magic combination that led to more happy days than not.

People say positive thinking, and optimism are the keys to happiness. They certainly contribute a great deal. But there were other factors I couldn’t identify, intricacies I struggled to locate and articulate. What was I missing? Why was bliss still a hit or miss, on/off wave of probability?

Right before I hibernated the original blog I was clocking two thousand readers a day, and I still had yet to realize I’d blundered way off course of my own plan for happiness. Worse, I was taking two thousand readers a day with me as I fumbled around in the dark looking for answers.

It took four years to re-align and get back on track, trouble is, the new path doesn’t resemble anything I thought it would, so I’m rebuilding from scratch. A new creative venture. Some call it homesteading, others call it hermitage. I’d been saying self-sustainable living… but I guess it’s all about how you pronounce tomato.

Brass tacks: I live in the woods. I have a property I’m making into a self-sustainable plot. I do my creative work and development in seclusion, and work part time in town to be around people and earn grocery/publishing funds.

For lack of a better explanation…I’ve gone full-on Walden Pond….

Huh. This life so wasn’t on the schedule.

But here I am, and despite it all, and to my utter surprise. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. Staring down the barrel of forty in a few months, and I’ve finally gotten the closest I’ve ever been to Plan A: Be Happy.

Who knew?

So yes, the blog is back up. We’re back on track. Re-branding is underway, and the new adventure is in place. As soon as I feel like we’ve reached the target zone for Plan A Part One, then I’ll be able to dig into the next phase. Mission Bliss: Give it all back. That’s a ride I’m dearly looking forward to.


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