Cast of Characters

Admiral Fubar –my baby brother; and by baby I mean he is now 6’5” and outweighs me by a good 90lbs of muscle. Admiral Fubar is my best friend and co-conspirator of troublemaking. He’s my roommate but also currently serving active duty in Iraq. Admiral Fubar is the loudest voice in my cheering squad and usually one of the first to point out when I’m being a dumbass (often he does so with great glee). He is also, quite easily the best man I know – with more honor in his little finger than most men have in their entire person.

Admiral Fubar shows off his guns.

Admiral Fubar shows off his guns.

And ladies… he’s also single.

Agatha (fictional) is a two inch tall pixie with iridescent wings, a blond bob and more attitude than a brick of C4 and a short fuse. She is a figment of my creativity that manifests when I’m writing my fictional stories and serves as a constant nag when I let the dishes pile up.

Chadely – My Champion. Chadely and I likely have the strangest relationship of any two people I know. I am his Lady, as I knighted him My Champion almost 17 years ago. My Champion has my back.

Erisian – the magnificent creator of Fnord Inc. Erisian helps manage my website, as well as dispenses wisdom by the cup of coffee. A man who has always been truthful to me and honest when I ask for it regardless of the outcome and has by that fact alone earned my undying affection.

Indigo – The lovely Indigo who was my roommate for a time. Math genius. Mother. Teacher. Pool Shark and overall tempest of energy.

Jeffy – My Jeffy. One of my band of constant mischief causers. He has been a solid presence even when we had our disagreements. Jeffy and Chadely are two of the only people on this earth that can make me blush furiously at the drop of a hat. Two of the only people I know more pervy than myself. A solid sense of honor and the strength to actually act upon that honor – makes him tremendously dear to me… not to mention he makes a mean rum and coke and doesn’t complain when all I want to do for hours on end is play Halo with him.

Jordan- My Jordy. I met Jordy online and we arranged for a date. What I didn’t know at the time was that once we decided we were meant only to be friends, he would become a trusted confidant and companion of the odd journey that we share in humanity. He is unflinchingly honest, powerfully intelligent and easily amused. He possesses an acerbic wit and uncanny ability to see right into the heart of situations and speak the truth.

Waffle Window Goodness

Waffle Window Goodness

KungfuKitten – KFK is a brilliant writer I met in a critique group and she maintains her own blog. She’s a sexy, Librarian type by day and a feisty vampire slayer at night.

LaraPirate- I met Larapirate at the café which centers most of my adventures and goings on for the last few years. Larapirate is as snarky as snarky gets with a solid brain and generous heart. She’s a pool shark and a bit of a witch with the genuine attitude of a rowdy pirate all rolled into one mischievous grin.

Liam (fictional) is a figment of my imagination. He’s a compellation of characters and men in my life and has come into my fictional work and real life as a protector. He is as real to me as many of my dearest friends. 6’6” tall with a wingspan of 15 feet, he has blond curly hair always in a state if windblown tousling that frames a face with deep-set blue eyes and a smile that has one dimple on the left. He has taloned feet that are constantly scoring the linoleum or hardwoods so tile is his best friend. Generally he makes his appearance in my life when I need to be writing or when he crops up to tell me things I might already know and I should become consciously aware of He is inspired by the Stephanie Pui-Mun Law picture of Azrael.

Azrael by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Azrael by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Meme – is my oldest and dearest friend. She is one of the ones I know who could get a midnight call from me and be on a plane the next day and be stopped at airport security for trying to smuggle a shovel, rug and 6 square yards of plastic sheeting. If I ever need to bury a body – she will be the only person I would call. And it is my knowledge of her willingness to be there for me in any crisis – that I endeavor never to put myself in any circumstance wherein she would come raging down from Alaska and wreak hell upon the person to ever cause me harm. We have loved together. We have lost together. We have had our hearts broken together. She has held me in my tears and I have consoled her in hers. We’ve skinny dipped in glacial waters in the middle of winter and traveled across the state of Alaska in a Volkswagen bug. When I am hurting, it is Meme that I call and when she is in pain I go to her. When we have children we will share the journey and when we are old and decrepit – we will be arguing in our usual manner as we shuffle our walkers down the halls. We have grown up together and we will grow old together.

Skysidhe – Skysidhe has been one of my close girlfriends for almost 17 years. We met in high school in the wilds of Alaska and grew up with a shared passion for D&D, fantasy fiction, theatre and all other arts. I often thought of her as a little sister and frequently got her into much trouble and fun juvenile adventures. She is always honest with me with a touch of compassion. She is forever amazing me with her talent and creativity and if I ever need a pick-me-up she’s the first to volunteer a jaunt to the second hand stores for costume creations. And it just wouldn’t be a dear sibling relationship without one cutting the hair off the other and shocking the hell out of their parents – just ask her sometime about that halftime at the game when I tried to give her long beautiful hair a “trim” and she ended up with a bob. True story.

Sondra – Sondra is another of my dear Alaskan friends. I met Sondra in Valdez 16 years ago and while he hung out regularly we also went off and did our own adventures that we were always astonished to have survived then reported back to each other, “Dude, you can totally live through it. Seriously.” Sondra is in possession of a keen intelligence that often stuns me with its out of the blue observations of truth. She’s an Alaskan adventurer at heart with the soul of a priestess and the passion of a woman who thrives on nature. She is also one of those women that no matter how long between our conversations – her life parallels mine and we always pick up where we’ve left off.

…More to come….