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A New Dark Age is coming…

Sinnet of Dragons

Fable Montgomery has been told all her life she’s the Muse of Story, but her birthright has only brought a lot of expectations and embarrassing questions. Then she catches a glimpse of the great story stream, the events of the future, and a peek at the coming Dark Age. Before she can explore her newfound abilities, her worst nightmare comes true, literally.  The peaceful tree city of Barriette is razed to the ground; her teachers slaughtered as her school is overrun by attackers from the Icy Reaches. Fable witnesses Dragon Ryders stealing Aria’s most precious resource, Rhue—and breaking a global treaty in the process.

When the Ryders realize Fable saw everything, they come for her.

Her only option is to embrace her newly emerging power and strike a heartbreaking bargain with the enemy—or be burned at the stake by dragon’s fire.

And if the Muse of Story dies, all stories die with her.


Murder of Crows

Book 1 of: The Pillars of Dawn

On the brink of annihilation, war-ravaged, and clinging to the hope of a new dawn, the world of Aria awaits the return of the muses, Daughters of Mnemosyne, to prevent a new Dark Age.

Yet on Earth, a plot to control the muses for their inspiration claims the life of Fable Montgomery’s aunt. Fable’s protective shields collapse and she discovers, too late, that she’s the muse of a quantum story binding two worlds set to collide.

To survive she must fight. To fight she must remember. To remember she must believe.

In a surge of power she writes the Prophecy of Crows, a 240 page manuscript of the future story arc. Yet before she can read it, all but thirteen of the pages are stolen by a murder of crows. With only thirteen pages to guide her through the coming story, Fable must reclaim her power of inspiration, because the last page of prophecy foretells her death.

And if the Muse of Story dies…all stories die with her.

Scold of Jays

Book Two of: The Pillars of Dawn

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Every choice, an equal and opposite choice. Sometimes we don’t know what future we could have had, until we choose a path that leads us to the wrong one.

Fable Montgomery has made the best choices of terrible circumstances, with more to come. The Fates are ever laughing and perpetually unkind. Sometimes it’s the choice of lesser damnation. Once again a prisoner of the Icy Reaches, Fable must fight to keep her throne, unite her sisters, and stay alive long enough to return to the man she loves.

Interwoven with her own struggles, Fable’s sister Muses work their way into the Great Story. The tapestry of Mnemosyne’s Daughters begins its revelation… and mankind is granted one last chance at salvation.

Ghosts of Seattle

Temporarily Out of Stock!

Seattle, the Pacific Northwest’s largest city, has something sinister nestled just beneath its magnificent borders. The city is haunted; ghosts adding to the population in the streets, buildings, and market places! Join an eerie tour of Seattles dark and spider-infested underground, historic sites, and crowded public markets where ghost stories and folklore mingle. The chilling presence of deceased Congressman Marion Zioncheck at the Artic Club, the protective specter of women’s rights at the Harvard Exit Theatre, and the swing dancer whose ghostly pressence leaves the ladies breathless are all present. Learn about Bill Speidel’s Underground, the Pike Place Market, the Starlite Lounge, and many more haunted locations. Seattle will haunt you. (Includes ghostly glossary!)

A Life Erotic: Week One Reawakening

A Life Erotic: Week One, Reawakening

Adult Content Warning! Short read, less than 15 pages.

Enjoy these hot literary nibbles on your daily commute, while waiting in the lobby, or before dessert. These short, sweet, sexy vignettes are a daily glimpse into reawakening to the intimacy of the life erotic.

B. Unbidden invites you along on her earliest trembling steps toward an unfettered celebration of intimate sexuality and love. She dearly hopes you’ll enjoy the journey and come again, and again with her.